– Tell us how did you come to modeling. Did you start in Belarus?

– Honestly, I’ve never thought that this could ever happen to me. I was 17 years old when a very unpleasant incident happened to me. I had a relationship with a young man, i didn’t like our relationship and I offered to stop it. This guy’s reaction was inadequate and aggressive. He attacked me, and, among other things, cut the hair on my head. He constantly repeated that now I would be ugly, not interesting to anyone, and I would be always alone.

It was a shock, I was very worried. Firstly, a big stress, and secondly, a sharp change in appearance is not according to my desire. Passing by the mirrors I tried to close my eyes. Moreover, 17 years is the peak of adolescence, when you are constantly looking for deficiencies in yourself and have many complexes. But after several weeks of seclusion and almost despair, I realized that something needs to be done. I wanted to challenge the situation, society, to prove myself that I can be interesting in any form and with any hairstyle.

To gain self-confidence and increase self-esteem, I decided to do a photoshoot to look at myself from the outside. It’s funny, but until that moment I didn’t like to be photographed at all. Now I remember my first photoshoot with a smile, because I absolutely didn’t understand what to do. I just stood like a deer in the rays of searchlights, clapped my eyes and frantically scrolled in my head where else I could put my arm or leg. But I was lucky, I immediately got to a good professional photographer. I really liked the result of the collaboration, and after the publication of these photos on the Internet other photographers immediately began to invite me to take pictures.

– When and why did you decide to participate in nude shootings? For example because you are not shy about your body, you like yourself, or is there a financial issue?

– I didn’t start to make nude photos because of financial interest. Many people don’t even suspect that in my country (Belarus) such shootings are almost never paid for models. I began to receive fees for shootings only when I signed contracts with foreign agencies and magazines.

I started to make nude shootings more because I did NOT like myself, was notorious and not self-confident.

Only with time my work helped me to acquire those qualities that I lacked and understand and feel the beauty of not only my soul, but also my body.

I never believed that a naked body is bad. Nature has created us like that. I don’t divide body parts into “normal” and “shameful”. Just arms, legs, chest, butt. I have the same ones as all other people. Nudity has always attracted artists, sculptors, poets, and it doesn’t bother anyone that the galleries are full of paintings with naked women and men. Now photography is replacing painting, but photo artists are inspired by the same thing.

And the perception of nude art already depends on the education of people. There are a lot of uneducated people who see in the figure of David only his dick.

– Have you moved to Russia? It seems to me that in Belarus there is no opportunity to build a career in photography, especially nude. Is this true or am I mistaken?

– I haven’t moved to Russia, my hometown is still Minsk. But I rarely come here, I travel almost all the time. It’s impossible to build a model career in Belarus. Almost all girls work TFP (for free), brands (clothes, underwear) offer to pay for shootings with their products, on fashion week models work for $20.

There are exceptions of course, but I’m talking about the majority.

All models that are gaining a certain fame work abroad. Not because they don’t like their country, but because they simply cannot make money here for their work. It’s also difficult for photographers in Minsk to find work, they can earn money only if they work on weddings or corporate parties. Fashion shootings, beauty, nude shootings almost never bring money to local photographers.

– What is the difference between the business of nude photoshoots and just fashion photoshoots?

– Actually the difference between nude shootings and fashion shootings or the whole modeling business does not exist. The only thing I can say is that nude photoshoots are more complicated than regular photoshoots, because it’s much easier to look good in clothes, because a correctly selected outfit will hide any imperfections of your body. And to look good without clothes you must work hard and make a lot of effort.

– How did you start working with Playboy? Did the shooting for Playboy affect your career somehow?

– For Playboy, I worked several times. My photos can be found on the website of the Russian Playboy, I also worked for Ukrainian Playboy-2018 calendar and was on the cover. The shootings were wonderful, for calendar we made shootings in Maldives. I can’t say that after publication in Playboy I got more bookings, because I mainly work abroad and foreign photographers don’t follow our magazines. Although it’s hard to answer because even before publications I was a popular model. But Playboy gave me pride for myself for sure.

– Tell us about your blog – why did you decide to start a YouTube channel (in English!) about traveling to warm countries?

– It was a spontaneous decision of my videographer with whom we traveled. After all travels I wanted to share my emotions, impressions, experiences. It seemed to us that it would be interesting and useful for people. But you incorrectly think that our vlogs were only in English. In English we made only two episodes, all others were in Russian, but with English subtitles.

To say the truth Russian-speaking viewers are very different from foreign ones. Perhaps the mentality is affected. I noticed among Russian speakers a great desire to be rude, criticize, and search for unperfections. And foreigners quite the opposite – they support and say good things.

– You often publish your nude photos on social networks. How do your followers relate to this? Does it happen that they can send dickpics or blame for “immorality”?

– Sometimes it happens. But I take it calmly. Unfortunately, there are many inadequate people in our society. I believe that sending dickpics and writing offensive comments to a stranger is more immoral than exposing your beautiful photos, even if they are nude.

– Why do you think people from the old Soviet Union countries have such a complicated relationship with their bodies?

– In my opinion these are the costs of notorious Soviet education, where was no emphasis on individuality, only a gray mass was brought up. Modern youth is a generation brought up by Soviet grandmothers and mothers. We remember that in the Soviet Union there was no sex, and it was unacceptable and embarrassing to demonstrate our sexuality.

Why in your opinion the movement “for morality” has been growing lately? For example facebook and instagram block profiles with sexy content, groups and publics where people shame “whores” (in Russia there are many groups and forums where people write gossips about girls, trying to find some dirty things, private erotic photos, proofs of escort). Where do you think this Puritanism comes from?

– All the things that you have listed can’t be blamed on one heap. There are separate reasons for each of them. Instagram and Facebook tightened their rules due to the law signed by Trump on the fight against sex trafficking. But this is completely irrelevant to the appearance in RuNet groups, such as the “whores market”.

I think this happens again due to the national mentality. In the West countries people are fixated on themselves, on their careers, on their families and on their personal lives. They don’t care so much about other people. And in the post-Soviet Union space either because of financial problems or because of national characteristics, people like to gossip, make scandals, delve into the dirty things of other people. And they get great pleasure from it. In fact they have nothing more to do, and so they have fun. Basically, people who do this are really far from the Puritan way of life, they are vicious, vile and envious, an usually they have not achieved anything in their life.

– What do you think the sexuality is? Is it the maximum of a naked body or something else?

– Real sexuality is not very related to nudity. In my opinion, sexuality is energy, charisma, sensuality, look. For example you can look at just a portrait photo of a model and you can feel her sexuality, although the photo only has a face. If a girl is self-confident, relaxed, feels good and free in her body, and if she is not afraid to be herself, then she will attract others. And for this it is not necessary to be a super model beauty from a magazine’s cover and parameters 90-60-90.

5 thoughts on “Interview with Nicole Ross”

  1. Steven Haus

    Very well said! True beauty comes from ones innerself. You have a beautiful inner world with all you have experienced. Keep true to that. You are amazing!

  2. Thank you for your honesty here and sorry you were attacked back in your youth. 🙁 Glad you were able to get past that and get to where you are today. You are beautiful and very well spoken!! Thank you.

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